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Robert and AJ's House of Villains part 2
Robert and AJ's House of Villains part 2
After the crowd applauds Keroro notices Tatsuya Suou entering the house.
Keroro: Oh Boy, somebody to scare.
Keroro Jumps out at Tatsuya and scream "Boo!" but Tatsuya responds by doing an uncanny impression of an angry bear roaring, which scares Keroro away.
Now Back on Stage Robert and AJ come back to greet the next cartoon
AJ: Uh.... These Halloween treats can get really spooky.
Robert: ...Like Mechanical houses that act kind of kooky.
AJ: So sit back, relax and Uh... Oh yeah, Let's take a lookie.
The audience claps and cheers as the next cartoon starts on the house of Robert.
Narrator: In a humble little home that needed some paint lived a tired Robert Branson, trying to sleep, but he can't. You see the problems were plenty in this house that he had. The roof always creaked, and the drafts, they were bad.
As the narrative goes off the roof of his house comically creaks and a draft to comes in, to Robert's annoyance.
Narrator: The furnace turne
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Robert and AJ's House of Villains part 1
Robert and AJ's House of Villains part 1
(Author's Note: Hello everyone, Here comes a, I guess surprise Halloween Fanmake, that I've actually been wanting to try for a while, It is based on  the House of Mouse Halloween Special, "Mickey''s House of Villains", and I want to see how well this goes, though I may possibly run into some issues with ideas along the way since this was a more spontaneous thing but let's so how far we go.)
ajpokeman Presents: Robert and AJ's House of Villains
TThe story starts on a Halloween Night at the Club, known as the House of Toons, where many different animated characters cross over and hang out while enjoying entertainment, founded by Chao Lingshen and run by the Enigma Hammer Acton team along with some of their allies.
Tonight we see many different characters entering the club, many of which happen to be villains. Among the more outstanding entrances include Ganondorf emerging from a portal of darkness and Arturo Plateado from the Bleach Games eme
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My Top 10 Favorite Liam O Brien Roles by ajpokeman My Top 10 Favorite Liam O Brien Roles :iconajpokeman:ajpokeman 7 1
AJ's Random Files 10
AJ's Random Files 10
(Author's Note: This is just a parody purely for fun and may have some out of character moments so please don't take this seriously.)
AJ: Hello everyone, welcome to AJ's Random Files Number 10! I appreciate that you took the time to read these and potentially enjoy them... because nobody else will.
a Rimshot goes off as Yukiko comes out and starts laughing.
AJ: Uh, yes, thank you.
Yukiko: It's funny because you're not very popular!
AJ: I said thank you! Now sit back and enjoy-
Yukiko laughs some more.
AJ: Now sit back and-
Yukiko Continues laughing.
AJ: Now-
Yukiko  Laughs even more.
The Science show!
Ema: Piano!
*piano falls on Ema*
Ema: Whose Idea was this?!
Mikey starts getting excited and talking about his new camera when Laurie starts getting annoyed.
Laurie: I'm trying to draw a little piggy. CAN'T YOU SEE, I'M TRYING TO DRAW A LITTLE PIGGY?!
Hana happily runs toward AJ
Hana: Mr. AJ! What do
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AJ TV Tropes
AJ Tv Tropes:
So this is another one of my TV Tropes concerning my characters with my OCself Persona, AJ. The following is based of my Multifanon universe that I wanted to make into a series but never got into because I'm still coming up with ideas on how to start it, so a lot of the things mentioned are going to be out of context and probably confusing as a result.
Acrophobic Bird-Has used Pokemon to Fly form place-to-place but is afraid of heights
Afro Asskicker-Has a noticable afreo  and fights enemies
All Loving Hero-Enjoys very positive thinking and views,has shown love to more unloved characters, reflecting some opinions of his IRL self, and has even felt sympathy for Monaca and Ruruka, albeit the latter was a posthumous case
Amusing Injuries-some will be involved in his clumsy nature
Angrish-prone to this due to his short temper and some instances of unintelligable speech
Attack Reflector-He often does this with his hammer, which functions similarly to Amy's Piko Piko H
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Shadow Toon TV Tropes
Shadow Toon TV Tropes
Another one of TV Tropes Fitting my Characters, this time with the Shadow Toons, the shadowy Alternate Universe counterparts of characters.
Shadow Himeko Aka Duchess:
Anti Hero-Described as an anti hero type of character
Casting a Shadow-She can control her shadow and, and sink into the shadows
Dark Action Girl
The Dark Chick
Dark is Not Evil-despite being a Shadow Toon, member of the Dark Root, and being a trouble maker, she's not as villainous as the other members of the group
Eerie Plae Skinned Brunette
Evil Brunette Twin-She's a more aggressive Alternate Universe version of Himeko with dark hair
Evil Twin
Idiot Hair-though she's less of an idiot
Helicopter Hair-her Cowlick spins like a helicopter, much like Himeko's but she makes more practcal use of it
Living Shadow-She can control her shadow for combat purposes and can sink into the shadows
Nice Shoes-Her shoes have crescent Moons on them
Other Me Annoys Me-Is more smarter and competent than regular Himeko a
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My Top 10 Favorite Jad Saxton Roles by ajpokeman My Top 10 Favorite Jad Saxton Roles :iconajpokeman:ajpokeman 6 4 My Top 13 Favorite Kari Wahlgren Characters by ajpokeman My Top 13 Favorite Kari Wahlgren Characters :iconajpokeman:ajpokeman 13 1 My Top 13 Favorite John DiMaggio Characters by ajpokeman My Top 13 Favorite John DiMaggio Characters :iconajpokeman:ajpokeman 11 2 My Top 13 Favorite Tara Strong Characters by ajpokeman My Top 13 Favorite Tara Strong Characters :iconajpokeman:ajpokeman 21 0 My Top 13 Favorite Kevin Michael Richardson Roles by ajpokeman My Top 13 Favorite Kevin Michael Richardson Roles :iconajpokeman:ajpokeman 15 4 My Top 13 Favorite Alexis Tipton Roles by ajpokeman My Top 13 Favorite Alexis Tipton Roles :iconajpokeman:ajpokeman 15 1 BG: International Precures and Fairies by ajpokeman BG: International Precures and Fairies :iconajpokeman:ajpokeman 5 1 My Top 10 Michelle Ruff Roles by ajpokeman My Top 10 Michelle Ruff Roles :iconajpokeman:ajpokeman 12 1 Esuna Dash 2 p2 by ajpokeman Esuna Dash 2 p2 :iconajpokeman:ajpokeman 1 1 My OTHER Top 10 Favorite Ben Diskin Roles by ajpokeman My OTHER Top 10 Favorite Ben Diskin Roles :iconajpokeman:ajpokeman 10 5

Random Favourites

House of Pony Season 2 Episode 18 part 1
Thanks to the good reviews of Azure Phoenix, Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry, more folks came in to visit the House of Pony that Twilight and her friends are happy to give out. The Dazzlings didn't give out any further trouble, since Sonata is happily innocent and Adagio and Aria paid off their bill, but chose to stay away from the show for a while.
The gang, now back to their original selves, continue on with the club activities. Thanks to the club running so well, Twilight and her friends decided that it's time to do a show related to special themes in hopes to attract more customers to the House of Pony. Lance Justicestrike, who is taking Shining Armor's place as car valet while he is busy with his duties in the Crystal Empire, suggested that the first theme be cars.
The idea was approved as it was run with for this show. And trust me, folks, it was a doozy especially when the P.M. version of Shadow Dragon was taking Pinkie Pie's place as waitress while she was throwing a big party
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 5 12
House of Pony Season 2 Episode 17 part 5
Author's note
Here it is, folks, the final part of this episode!
Sonata is delighted. Her friends had been punished for their wicked deeds, like forcing her to betray Laxtinct and other cruel things. But best of all, the House of Pony folks are giving her and Laxtinct a free spaghetti dinner...just like in Lady and the Tramp!
"Laxitnct, I am so sorry for what I did, really." Sonata said as she eats into her spaghetti.
"I know, I'm sorry for how I reacted too." Laxtinct apologizes right back. Both eaters got the same noodle and kiss each other, making Sonata blush a bit. "Yeah."
"So what are you going to do with Adaio and Aria?"
"No worries. We already got the perfect punishment for them. Heh heh heh."
In the kitchen, the remaining 2 Sirens groans as they have to wash and clean the dishes to pay off their bill for the trouble and such that they gave everyone tonight, and are kept under watch by the Cakes Family.
"Remember, one dish broken and it's added up to your bill, mis
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 4 4
My Little Heroines: FIM Episode 9 part 1
Blind-le Gossip
Blossom looks a bit skeptic especially when the kids stood near her, using Furrball and Stitch's heads as an arm rest to help get them towards eye level.
"Did you see her, Blossom? Did you see the old woman?" Dani ask Blossom in concern.
"Dani, don't even go bother even mentioning that lady!" Kim exclaims to Dani in concern. "She is not to be trusted!"
Ryan took a peek out at the woman who resumes her mission. He blinks and ask, "Wait a minute...isn't that Mama Odie?"
"You know her?" Kim ask Ryan, surprised that her friend's cousin knows that mysterious spooky woman.
"Well I've heard of her, but my friend Louis the alligator knows of her, too."
"Well, she did glance this way, I know." Blossom said with a shrug.
"You mean glance EVILLY this way!" Stitch insists frantically to Blossom.
"Right, then most of you freak out for no reason."
"No reason, my foot!" Kim snaps as she pulls the kids closer. "I say protecting your relatives is a good reason!" The girl lets them go, p
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 3 9
House of Pony Season 2 Episode 17 part 4
Laxtinct is at his table, basically close to eating himself to death. When I said that, I meant the human is stuffing himself with noodles and sogging! His love has "betrayed" him. What will he move on?
Blazefist and Bladestrike came over, a bit concerned for Laxtinct's behavior. His brother spoke, "Lax? What are you doing here?! Why are you stuffing yourself with noodles and sogging?"
Bladestrike sighed in annoyance "What happen?!"
Blazefist sighed in concern, fearing the worst for his brother, "Please, don't say it's about the Hearts and Hooves day present again..."
Laxtinct cried and sobbed loudly, "Sonata! Why?! Why?! Why?!"
"What is he talking about?" Bladestrike ask, giving an odd look to his friend. Something must've happened!
"She-she-she betrayed me! She betrayed me! Why?! Why must I be the one to get the worse night? Why?!"
Blazefist shakes his head, patting Laxtinct on the back as he said, "I don't know what's really going on. But I'll help. I'm pretty sure it's just a misun
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 4 3
My Little Heroines: FIM Episode 9 prologue
Author's note
Time for things to get really spooky around here...
It's a beautiful Townsville. Blossom, Furrball and Ryan, the last one is using clutches as his legs are still healing from a tree branch smashing onto it during Blossom's previous slumber party, heads through town.
"Wow, what a great say!" Blossom exclaims with a smile.
"Tell me about it. Buttercup must've got up early and clears the clouds away." Furrball said, noting the clouds in the sky are now gone.
"She is a dedicated worker this time, that's for sure." Ryan said as the trio heads towards the city hall. He did notice that no one else is in sight. Odd.
"I bet all of Ponyville is going to be out to enjoy the sunshine!" Blossom exclaims smiling as she looks around.
"Yes...but where is everyone?"
Indeed, something odd is going on. The whole town appears to be deserted, especially when a tumbleweed drifts off. The group saw one person slamming her upstairs shutters closed, while another citi
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 3 3
The Pink Terror by UMSAuthorLava The Pink Terror :iconumsauthorlava:UMSAuthorLava 42 13 Sm4sh June 14 Bingo by UMSAuthorLava Sm4sh June 14 Bingo :iconumsauthorlava:UMSAuthorLava 10 13 Absolutely Beautiful by jigglysama Absolutely Beautiful :iconjigglysama:jigglysama 7 2 YOU'RE A KID YOU'RE A SQUID NOW! by xXThe-Hetalian-JetXx YOU'RE A KID YOU'RE A SQUID NOW! :iconxxthe-hetalian-jetxx:xXThe-Hetalian-JetXx 13 21 Sunny day out by Raybuggybug Sunny day out :iconraybuggybug:Raybuggybug 45 28 Smash Bros Fighter Ballot: Ninten by AdmiralN30 Smash Bros Fighter Ballot: Ninten :iconadmiraln30:AdmiralN30 9 12 ABC Meme: C by Austria-Man ABC Meme: C :iconaustria-man:Austria-Man 21 30 Iris and Nick - colorize by Rael-chan89 Iris and Nick - colorize :iconrael-chan89:Rael-chan89 162 30 South park: Wendy and Bebe by ilovesweetiebelle South park: Wendy and Bebe :iconilovesweetiebelle:ilovesweetiebelle 19 1 Cute SouthPark Couples by EllaJean123 Cute SouthPark Couples :iconellajean123:EllaJean123 20 3 Wendy by allixx26 Wendy :iconallixx26:allixx26 1 0


I don't know what's going on, but there's a problem with the Featured part of my Favorites, for some reason, the Featured part is stuck no matter what else i fave, it just got stuck at the first thing I faved when I got home yesterday, and It seems like I'm the only on having this problem, so far. I don't know why this is happening but somebody should fix it.
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Hello; I am ajpokemann, AKA AJ, I am a little shy but I like drawing , making memes and lists and i also write some fics or fanmakes.
I'm a fan of South Park, Soul Eater, Sgt. Frog, Pani Poni Dash, Negima, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Pokemon, Digimon, Hetalia, Spongebob, Yo-Kai Watch, My Little Pony friendship Is Magic, Mr. Men, Sailor Moon, Lucky Star, Fairy Tail, Nichijou, Earthbound and a lot of other things. I dislike Yaoi, Yuri, and Slash but I am not Homophobic. I usually watch people with good drawings, good sprites or spriting history, comics, or favorites that I like; (Actually now a days that may not seem so important). I prefer my anime DUBBED! Some of my most favorite characters would be Wendy Testaburger from South park:iconwendyplz:, Crona from Soul Eater:iconpervycronaplz:, Rotom:iconrotomplz: and oshawott from Pokemon:iconoshawottplz:, Adeleine:iconadelineplz: and the poppies from Kirby:iconpoppyjrplz:, Kumatora from Mother 3:iconkumatoraplz:, Zeno and Tia from Zatch Bell:icontiaplz:, Shurara and Dororo from SGT. Frog:icondororoplz:, Scourge from the Sonic Archie comics:iconscourgeplz:, Osaka from Azumanga Daioh:iconayumukasugaplz:, Shana and Kazumi from Shakugan no Shana, Tenma from School Rumble, Kuki from KND:iconkukiplz:, Pucca:iconpuccaplz:, Aqua from KHBBS:iconpervyaquaplz:, Toadette from The Mario series:icontoadetteplz:, Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time:iconprincessbubblegumplz:, The Mooninites from ATHF:iconignignoktplz::iconerrplz:, Hinata from Naruto:iconhinataplz:, Kiki from Kiki's delivery service :iconkikideliveryplz:, Momo from Bleach:iconhinamoriplz: Himeko and Behoimi from Pani Poni Dash, Mamimi from FLCL:iconmamimiplz:, Nene from Digimon Fusion, Chisame, Chao and Satsuki from Negima:iconsatsukiyotsubaplz:, Azusa from K-on:iconazusaplz:, Dawn and Ella from the Total drama series :icontdrdawnplz::icontdpiellaplz:, Juvia Lockser:iconjuvialoxarplz: and Wendy Marvell :iconwendymarvellplz: from Fairy Tail, and Little Misss Naughty from the Mr. Men show :iconlittlemissnaughtyplz:, Kotomi from Clannad :iconkotomiplz:, Ukraine, Belarus, Seychelles and Taiwan from Hetalia :iconsexyukraineplz::iconbelarusplz::iconseychellessmileplz:, Nano from Nichijou, Kiri anfd Kafuka from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei :iconkafukaplz:, Ruby from RWBY :iconrubyroseplz:, Sasha from Attack on Titan :iconsashabrausplz:, Nagisa from Madoka Magica :iconnagisamomoeplz:, Chie from Persona 4 :iconchieplz:, Tsubomi from Heartcatch Precure, Villager from Animal Crossing :iconthevillagerplz:, Ema from Ace Attorney :iconemaskyeplz:, Junko from Dangan Ronpa :iconjunkoenoshimaplz:, Frostina and Blizzaria From Yo-Kai Watch, and many others. I make OCs and I like memes. My Birthday is july 14.
Clubs in::iconsouth-park--club: :iconclydexmilly-club: :iconstendy-ftw: :iconstanwendy: :iconanti-style-club: :iconthekeroroocs::iconkg-fans-united::iconsp-artists::iconsouth-park-ocs::iconfunimation-fanclub::iconthe-protection-of-fc::iconpig-parodyideagroup::iconcool-cartoon-club::iconpani-poni-dash::iconwendy-fanclub::iconsonicanniversaries::iconx-over-multiverse::iconashs-many-girls::iconashs-many-ladies::icongirl-park::icondigimontamer2fan::iconashs-other-girls::iconnext-generation-kids::iconprotect-seychelles::iconprotect-matsuri::iconsupersmashufanclub::icongaaramatsu::iconyo-kaiwatch::iconnico-fans-unite::iconfriends-of-lamiaman::iconanimated-all-stars::iconxx-my-creations-xx::iconace-attorney-club::iconstendy-club:
I also have it open for you to ask questions to my OCs at…
My Gaia…

Current Residence: Detroit
Favourite genre of music: any kind of music
Favourite style of art: anime style, Simple Style
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: blue koopa shell, pasta shell
Favourite cartoon character: Wendy Testaburger, Behoimi, Seychelles, Momo Hinamori, Crona, Zeno, Tia, Osaka, Lizzy, Chisame, Satsuki, Chao Lingshen, Wendy Marvell, Frostina and Blizzaria, Azusa etc. *See above and Favorites for more*


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